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Welcome to the UK Technical Process Safety Forum web site

Please feel free to browse the incident data presented on this site.

The dynamic menu in the left bar can be used to access all the incidents & other pages, or you may search for a specific topic in the search box.   For the odd case where the menu does not work, then please use the 'Sitemap', 'Previous', & 'Next' links to view the site.

UK Technical Process Safety Forum (formally UK Technical Process Safety Forum) is a, non-profit making, group of senior process safety professionals, from the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industry, who regularly meet for mutual exchange of information, expertise and ideas.

The data presented on this site is given is compiled from many sources that are available to the Forum members and is given in good faith, however not all the data has been personally observed, and may originate from far away - many of the incidents will have occurred abroad, and may not even be in a forum members company.  Therefore the Forum cannot accept any responsibility for any event following the use of this data.  Chemical safety is not an exact science, and many varying factors are often involved (e.g impurities).

It is the responsibility of the chemical user to ensure that his/her process is a safe one.  The Forum is trying to assist other chemists, by flagging up some problems that we know have occurred in the past.

Can you help improve the Incident Lists?

The Forum welcomes any communication of incidents from other companies.  The more that we all learn then the more chance there is of not repeating the same error again in a different company.  Please feel free to send details of any incident to the Webmaster.  Company specific details (date, name, location) will not be published on the web site without the express consent of the company concerned. A mail link and feed back form is provided in the menus, and a mail link at the top of each page, this link is a encrypted script to reduce automatic spam harvesting.

Currently there are 152 incident pages on this site.

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