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The History of the UK Chemical Reaction Hazards Forum

Back in the mid 1990's, a couple of eminent safety scientists got together and decided to try to bring about a meeting of the top industrial safety scientists with a view to share experiences, incidents, near misses, so that similar events, which may normally go unrecorded could be prevented from occurring elsewhere.  This would lead to an increased safety performance of the chemical industry as a whole.

The group was originally some 15 safety scientists from the top UK chemical companies plus other well known academic experts.  Over the few, but useful, years that the forum has been in existence, the numbers and members have naturally changed due to mergers, take-overs, divestments, etc, but new members have been added where the other members thought appropriate, and other members have left where mergers meant that there were two scientists from the same company - the initial remit of the forum was for one member representative per company.

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