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Poor QA leads to near miss

Near Miss

Attentive operator noticed that a drum of solid was lighter in weight and colour to the rest of the drums he was charging.  He did not charge this drum but reported to his supervisor.  The supervisor did a quick identity check and agreed it was the wrong material although the drum was labeled correctly.

The drum was quarantined for further investigation

The Reasons for the problem

The material had arrived from an outsource, and the drum in question had been rejected for high solvent content, and been sent back to the contractor for re-drying.

There had been a mix up at the contractors's site and an incorrect material was returned, in the same drum

On returning, the drum was only then tested for solvent content, as the other tests had previously been carried out before the drum was sent back.  This, of course, failed to spot the change in material.

Lessons Learnt

When material arrives on site, it must be fully tested, regardless of whether it had partially been tested earlier, only by fully testing at the point of delivery can one be certain of its identity.

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