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Too Many Alarms make others ignored

A fridge was "in alarm" for many weeks.  An order for repair had been initiated, but it would take some time as some parts were on order.  So the "Utilities Room" was constantly flashing on the VDU.

One vessel in this building was connected to a UPS, as it was imperative that the stirrer never stops during the process, or else there was a danger that the product would gel, and cannot be removed.  The UPS backup would give 15 minutes of warning to allow the reactor to be emptied.

One day the UPS rectifier failed, the UPS on loosing its mains supply switched to battery power, and sent an alarm...The UPS was in the Utilities Room...

Fifteen minutes later, the UPS shut down, the stirrer stopped, and everything alarmed, virtually shutting down the whole building.  It was fortunate that the process being run at that time was a different one, or else the repair bill (and downtime) would have far more extensive.

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