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Privacy Statement

Maintaining your privacy is very important. Your e-mail and any other data collected is kept strictly confidential. The data is collected solely for the purpose of gathering useful feedback and incidents from our visitors.  All information received from respondents via e-mail submissions or submission forms will be deemed private and not disclosed without permission.  This data will not be use for any financial gain.


Unless stated all pages and images are © UK CRHF (excluding images linked to external links - Awards, Company logos, ICRA, SafeSurf, Milonic DHTML menu, Webring), and are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0

Users are permitted to copy any parts of the site, providing that the source is noted, and providing that nothing is added or taken away which could change the meaning of the content.

Data from some of the pages has been used by the webmaster to create an entry on Wikipedia.

Software Used

This site was written with the following items of software. Where applicable, all copyright notices have been left in the JavaScipt and Perl routines.

  1. Evrsoft 1st Page 2000 HTML Editor (Main HTML editor)
  2. CSE HTML Validator V.4 (Validating the source code)
  3. Xenu Link Sleuth (Checking all links)
  4. Adobe Photoshop V.7 (Small icons and coloured balls in lists)
  5. MDL IsisDraw v2.5 (Chemistry Structures)
  6. JReplaceThem (Global search and replace utility)
  7. Milonic (The DHTML menu system) - With thanks for free license
  8. MultipleC (The perl counter) [link currently not working]
  9. Perlfect Search 3.31 (The perl search engine)
  10. FTP Voyager (Uploading data to server)
  11. Compila(Low cost hosting )
  12. Topstyle v2.5(Style sheet generator)
  13. P3P Wizard(Free P3P policy generator)

Menu Browser Support

The Milonic© menu system supports the following browsers

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  5. Opera for Windows 5.0 to 7.0+
  6. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Apple Mac
  7. Safari 1.0+ for Apple Mac
  8. Netscape Navigator 4.x+ for Apple Mac
  9. Netscape Navigator 6.0+ for Apple Mac
  10. Mozilla 0.7+ for Apple Mac
  11. Netscape Navigator 4+ on Unix/Linux
  12. Netscape 6+ on Unix/Linux
  13. Konquerer 2.2+ on Unix/Linux
  14. Mozilla 0.7+ for Unix/Linux
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