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RISS - Post reaction listing agent for RC1 WinRCNT

The Mettler Toledo RC1® is a reaction calorimeter for the evaluation of reaction heats.  The current software (Version 7 running on Windows NT/2000) does not include the printing of a chronological list of events and controls.  This software extra, addresses these problems, and gives the user the desired list, which may or may not include entries from the accosiated error list of events.

In addition if the user has noted the Mass and Cp results at the end of each calculated reaction, then the software will allow the user to get corrected adiabatic temperature rises, based on the final Cp and Mass - just like the earlier versions of the RC1 software used to do.

Use of software

The software (RISS - RC1 Ideal Software Suppliment) has been written entirely in Microsoft Access 2000 ®, so the intended user must have that application to run the software. Later versions of Access should work (but not tested), earlier versions (i.e. 97) will not.  The software has been written and debugged as much as possible before making it available to the wider public, however as it it free, no reponsibility for any loss will be given by the author.  The user is advised to perform their own virus testing before running the application. Similary, although the application opens the RC1 mtd file and does not make any alterations or additions, the user should always make a back up copy before using the application.   The download is in the form of a RAR compressed file, use WinRAR © to decompress the application.


The author would be pleased to hear of any comments from users, with regard to the usefulness, and any problems encountered.  Comments may be sent to the webmaster link at the top of the page.

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Mettler Toledo RC1 is a trademark of Mettler Toledo S.A., Switzerland
Microsoft Access 2000 is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation Inc., USA
WinRAR is copyright of Eugene Roshal

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